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Article list

Software - Privacy

How to choose a browser for your daily use? Polish flag Turkish flag Russian flag Brazilian flag French flag Latvian flag Taiwanese flag Spanish flag
Lifting the veil - how to test browsers for spyware French flag Russian flag Finnish flag
Essential privacy (or other) addons Russian flag Turkish flag
Forum Classification Project - which forums (don't) get in your way? Turkish flag Polish flag
E-mail providers - which one to choose? Polish flag Russian flag Spanish flag
Fake privacy / security initiatives German flag Russian flag Turkish flag
Mozilla - Devil Incarnate Russian flag
Search Engines - which one to choose? Spanish flag
Ninja's guide to the Internet German flag
Bypassing the privacy chase Brazilian flag

Software - Other

Useful Linux software you might not know about
Salix OS - a hidden gem among Linux distributions German flag
Refuting Freetardism
Principles of bad software design
What Linux struggles with
Linux Essentials


Avoiding "The Botnet" - impossible? Turkish flag French flag Polish flag
Technological slavery Polish flag Turkish flag
Capitalism will die - but will it take us with it? Polish flag
The dangers of artificial intelligence Polish flag
How capitalism destroys everything
The Enemy Who Surpasses The Law
Refuting Libertarianism
Coronavirus scare and the blueprint for slavery Spanish flag Turkish flag Taiwanese flag Russian flag

Video games

Sid Meier's Pirates - game recommendation
Short video game reviews
Avoiding the decline of gaming (OUTDATED)
Favorite Video Game Soundtracks


MP3 players - buyer's guide
Sana 707 - juicer review

Community sites

Spyware Watchdog || Eldritch Data (clearnet) and onion || acz || qorg11 (clearnet), onion, i2p and freenet || RainHeaven || metheperson (onion) || oreamnos (gopher) || Verisimilitudes

Other sites I like

It can be hard to find treasure in the junkyard known as the Internet, so I will catalogue the ones I've encountered here:

Debunking Skeptics - Probably my favorite site on the Internet (except my own, of course ^_^). I was reading it religiously as a teenager, and it provided strong support towards my questioning of mainstream theories and their devout defenders; without that site, there would likely be no Dig Deeper. If you liked my Mozilla or Coronavirus reports, you will feel right at home on Debunking Skeptics. Covers many fringe topics, such as conspiracies, extrasensory perception, and life after death. Mostly famous for its total destruction of the so-called rational skeptics, pretty much making them look like total idiots. Sadly hasn't been updated in a long time, but all the reports in there are still very relevant today.

Ciphers by Ritter - Best cryptography resource out there, by a mile. Explains the basics thoroughly and in a way that's easy to understand. Debunks myths and covers stuff that other sites don't dare to touch. Clearly, the author has a deep understanding of the topic.

Raymond Peat's site - Writings of biologist Ray Peat, mostly covering human physiology and nutrition, but drifting into other related topics (including relevant conspiracies) sometimes. Extremely well thought-out and researched; compared to regular nutrition sites, it's in another stratosphere.